Island Bay Hard Seltzer is a unique blend of sparkling water, a specially selected alcohol base, and hints of natural fruit flavour. A hit with people who are looking for healthy alternative drinking options.
Read on to see why you need this in your life…

1. It’s low calorie!

At 70 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs Island Bay Hard Seltzer is the perfect guilt free alcoholic drink!

2. It suits many diets

Suitable for vegans, gluten free diets and a great addition to keto diets.

3. It doesn’t ruin your health goals

Island Bay Hard Seltzer fits perfectly alongside all low calorie diets and is made from natural flavours so it still packs a punch. And the 250ml can size ensures that you don’t feel bloated – result!

4. Free of artificial sweeteners
or preservatives

Its clean & fresh taste makes you forget that this drink is actually alcoholic! All flavours are natural without the use of any sweeteners or preservatives, unlike some others. Just natural fruit flavour.

5. A refreshing pick-me-up in the sunshine

Best served cold, Island Bay is extremely refreshing and clean on the palate. Make the British weather more predictable and feel that summer freshness with every sip.

6. Fits nicely into your handbag (or man bag)

The ideal can size to effortlessly pop into your bag and STILL fit your phone, keys and money (& makeup!)

7. A great mixer

A great addition to soft drinks, raw fruit, herbs, gentle spices or even with your fave alcohol drink. Just be careful that those calories don’t add up if you’re keeping to a strict diet!

8. A welcome distraction during lockdown

Bored at home? Get that vaycay feeling in your back garden or balcony, grab your deck chair and soak up that sun. Don’t forget to keep hydrated with some Island Bay on ice! No garden? Take the party to your local park, observing social distancing rules of course ?

9. Get you through those zoom quizzes!

Elevate your weekly zoom quiz with Island Bay and get that thinking cap on! 5% alcohol per can will give you that much needed pick me up, especially when that 20 min quiz goes on, and on, and on and …

10. And perfect for when we finally emerge
from lockdown!

Get your friends over for that long-awaited & well-deserved BBQ, house party or that long overdue pizza night-in with the besties!

Available in 3 mouthwatering flavours: strawberry, mango & watermelon.

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