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10 Reasons Why You Need Island Bay Hard Seltzer In Your Life!

Island Bay Hard Seltzer is a unique blend of sparkling water, a specially selected alcohol base, and hints of natural fruit flavour. A hit with people who are looking for healthy alternative drinking options.Read on to see why you need this in your life… 1. It’s low calorie! At 70 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs Island Bay Hard Seltzer is the perfect guilt free alcoholic…

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Watch Out, We’re Coming For You!

Have you been searching for an alternative to your usual calorific alcoholic drink without wanting to compromise? Then look no further as ‘Island Bay Hard Seltzer’ is here – the new kid on the guilt-free block! ‘So what exactly is Island Bay Hard Seltzer?’ I hear you ask. Well, It’s a refreshing vegan-friendly drink made using a delicate blend of sparkling water and a specially…

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