Have you been searching for an alternative to your usual calorific alcoholic drink without wanting to compromise? Then look no further as ‘Island Bay Hard Seltzer’ is here – the new kid on the guilt-free block!

‘So what exactly is Island Bay Hard Seltzer?’ I hear you ask. Well, It’s a refreshing vegan-friendly drink made using a delicate blend of sparkling water and a specially selected alcohol base with a hint of natural fruit flavour. Teasing you with delicious Strawberry, Watermelon and Mango blends, each 250ml can has 5% ABV and has 70 calories, no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners.

In a nutshell it’s a healthier alternative “funked up fizz” that fits into your busy day and complements your night out.

It’s been a very busy and exciting time here at Island Bay HQ over the past few months. We’ve been meticulously planning and preparing to serve you once we officially launch in April 2020. We cannot wait for you all to try our three incredible drinks!

Look out for Island Bay Hard Seltzer stocked UK wide in leading supermarkets and key retailers soon. You can also buy directly online. Click here to pre-order now or visit us at www.drinkislandbay.com/shop. If you would like to be an Island Bay Hard Seltzer stockist please email: info@drinkislandbay.com

Break Rules with Island Bay Hard Seltzer – you know it makes sense!