Work those summer #healthgoals with Island Bay Hard Seltzer. 

Health and wellbeing are high on the agenda now more than ever before, with lockdown forcing many of us to push our own needs to the side. Now its time to get those health goals back on track and work towards a healthier you ready for this unpredictable summer ahead of us. Here are a few ideas on how you can maintain your #healthgoals with Island Bay Hard Seltzer.


– HIIT those goals –

Exercise is important for a healthy body and mind. Keeping your workouts quick but effective with high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be highly effective, as can making a few daily adjustments to your everyday routine. Spend more time in open spaces and walk to the next Tube station or bus stop on your journey into work. Get green fingers and cancel your regular gardener. Mow that lawn, tidy those weeds, plant some new herbs and veggies and work that core. Got a picnic date planned with your friends? Walk or cycle to the park instead of getting public transport and treat yourself to a cold Island Bay Hard Seltzer when you get there. At 70 calories, you can enjoy your drink knowing you haven’t ruined the great workout you’ve just done.


– Eat right for you –

Every body is unique — what works for your friends may not work for you. That’s why its so important to find a healthy, balanced diet that suits you. Island Bay Hard Seltzer fits into many diet plans and is suitable for vegans and gluten-free diets.


– Drink in moderation and make smart choices –

As the sun comes out and pubs and bars re-emerge, maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol is key to achieving your health goals and maintaining a positive mind. Instead of reaching for that calorie-heavy beer or wine, why not replace with Island Bay Hard Seltzer for a healthier grab-and-go option. Available in strawberry, mango and watermelon, each has its own distinct taste offering a fruity, light, yet refreshingly clean taste on the palate, packing a punch in flavour at 5% volume. Inspired by Zane Henry at NatGeoTraveller, here are a few suggestions to boost your drink while keeping calories and sugar content in check:


Mix coriander, sliced, pickled jalapenos, a dash of agave syrup and a squeeze of lime. Create a warm, nutty, spicy taste to complement the coolness of the watermelon.

Add a salt rim around the glass for that summer cocktail feel and a watermelon wedge for added freshness.

Strawberry Burst

Add crushed strawberries and a few sprigs of rosemary to bring out the delicate sweet tones.

Garnish with a strawberry dipped in powdered sugar or chocolate for ultimate indulgence.

Mango Fool

Perfect with pineapple slices, grated ginger and dried mango shavings adding hints of peppery sweetness.

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