#Healthgoals are high on our agenda.

We’re offering people a healthier alternative to calorific alcohol drinks to fit into busy lives and healthy lifestyles.

Island Bay Hard Seltzer is available in 3 refreshing flavours strawberry, mango and watermelon. Low in calories and perfectly refreshing for those gorgeous summer days that await us.

We recently teamed up with Weightwatchers to introduce Island Bay alongside the SmartPoints plan. The equivalent of 2SP, it’s the ideal alcoholic drink of choice for the health conscious amongst us.

What’s more, Island Bay Hard Seltzer doesn’t spike insulin in keto-diets, so is a perfect addition to this diet plan too.

Sarah, a WW UK ambassador immediately saw the value of adding Island Bay into her points plan.

“Saturday afternoon drinks whilst I catch up on my Netflix, and making the most of some ‘me time’. Definitely deserve it after a hard week of homeschooling!

I adore these lovely cans of alcoholic water. The guys at @drinkislandbay kindly sent me some to try and my drink of choice this afternoon is the Strawberry flavoured can. I’ve served it simply over ice with some chopped fresh strawberries. Delicious. But you could drink straight from the can, perfect to take with you on a Summer Picnic. They come in all different flavours, Strawberry, Mango and Watermelon. I can’t wait to try all the flavours!

Hard Seltzer is alcoholic and contains carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavouring. It has zero sugar, zero carbs, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Suitable for Vegans and Gluten free diets also. Best of all they only have 70kcals per can and on WW.UK that works out at only 2SP. ??? So they fit in with all the WW.UK plans and are the perfect guilt free alcoholic drink!”

Sarah @mrsb.loves.ww

There’s no fun in restricting, but there is in replacing! ?

Add Island Bay Hard Seltzer to your SmartPlan and ease effortlessly into Summer.

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